ATM Security: Indelible Taggant Ink

Indelible Taggant Ink


Intellectual Banknote Neutralization and Cash Degradation Systems are security systems that provide protection of valuables against unauthorized access to its contents by rendering it unusable by marking all cash as stolen with a degradation agent when an attempted attack on the system is detected.


A popular degradation agent is ink, which functions by staining cash with a permanent dye. Dyed cash is highly conspicuous and cannot be readily used. Unfortunately, change machines and out-of-date ATMs located in unsecured locations provided loopholes for dyed cash to be exchanged into unmarked change.


To close these loopholes, bill validators have been updated to recognize common machine readable security features in order to prevent stolen cash from being accepted. Sadly, these security features are not protected from being destroyed and/or removed from marked cash as they are manufactured from organic materials. Without the machine readable security features, the cash is left unprotected.


Recognizing this lapse in security, Stardust has developed an innovative indelible taggant ink that is vastly superior to others on the market. We have combined multiple layers of security, including our inorganic nano-particle taggant material which penetrates deep into fibers where it is extremely difficult to remove as it is immune to all relevant attacks. Stardust’s indelible ink contains multi-level security principles that possess the capability for machine readable authentication in bill validation systems.


As cash machines are now ubiquitous around the world and thefts are rising substantially, it becomes apparent Cash Degradation Systems are necessary to insure the protection of your investments.


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