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World-class brand protection and security solutions are born of a combination of high technology and agile strategic vision. At Stardust Materials, our goal is to unite the most innovative anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion tools with the most up-to-date intelligence on the black-market and criminal marketplace.





Our leading edge technology includes forensic, covert, and overt solutions. Some of which include:




Spotting fake bills may be challenging even if you are familiar with the local currency. Not so with CashPal! A simple but powerful tool used to verify and validate currency.




Stardust’s premiere covert marker technology, StarMark™, includes a physical marker that can be authenticated anywhere, anytime. Invisible, even in clear inks, StarMark™, can be integrated into any type of ink allowing it to be printed onto documents, labels or product packaging and detected only with our hand-held, easy to use detectors.


StarMark™ can even be overprinted while retaining its security capabilities (StarMark™ has been used in protecting tax stamps, foreign postage stamps, major apparel labels, jewelry, and a number of other consumer products.)




Stardust’s patented use of nano-marker technologies in inkjet printing provides high security personalization or data-variable print on demand. From popular features like StarUltraV™ to StarMark™ covert markers, Stardust offers customizable solutions to fit your in-line or desktop printing needs.


Stardust® security solutions are available in commercially widespread drop-on-demand platforms like HP® as well as in CIJ, such as LEIBINGER® and Domino®.




Stardust’s invisible printing technology enables you to produce high security text and data-variable codes, such as machine-readable 2D barcodes. StarScript™ is compatible with your existing desktop or rotary printer and because it can be overprinted, this powerful security feature will not interfere with your graphics. StarScript™ text and codes can be read with our advanced VIPIR™ camera system.




Stardust has developed StarUltraV™ security inks that can withstand the harshest of environments. Our UV fluorescing inks are designed to be exceptionally lightfast and stable. Once printed, StarUltraV™ security features are invisible until they are exposed to the right UV light. StarUltraV™ technology is available for inkjet, flexo, gravure, offset, pad, and silk screen processes.


When a single UV feature is not enough, increase your level of security with Stardust’s specially developed dual-wave invisible UV ink that responds to longwave, shortwave and medium-wave UV with drastic color changes, such as blue to red, green to orange, and yellow to orange. Ask about our most recent color developments.




Our StarPoint™ inks, once printed, convert invisible infrared light from a laser pen into bright visible colors. Easy and instantaneous verification can be made up to 6 feet away. StarPoint™ technology is available for inkjet, flexo, gravure, offset, pad, and silk screen processes.




Stardust’s overt security feature, StarShift™, is authenticated by observing a color-shift between two commonly available light sources (fluorescent vs. sun/incandescent). The color-shift is instantaneous and reversible. This remarkable effect does not wear out over time, no matter how many color-shift cycles the ink has been exposed to. StarShift™ is available in a variety of color transitions.




An innovative systemic operation combining information technology with high-speed camera systems and covert security solutions, with the purpose of creating a durable supply-chain – from start to finish.







Consultation Services

Stardust is available for over-the-phone and on-site consultation services. Our security experts and engineers offer effective solutions customized to your security problems.



Worldwide Investigation Services

Stardust’s investigative professionals are located all around the world and can coordinate with local law enforcement, expanding the reach and enforcement of your brand protection.



Contact Stardust today to schedule a call with our security experts and engineers.

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