Why Stardust Materials

Brand Integrity and Counterfeiting


Counterfeiting, theft, adulteration, diversion, and smuggling cost private businesses, governments, and industries over $600 billion dollars a year worldwide, but those economic repercussions are just one of the rippling effects. 

The cost to a brand’s identity, through dilution and damaged reputation, can be devastating not to mention the added risks these frauds pose by preying on the naiveté of the general public in ways that may even put their very lives at risk.


The Problems

There are two main problems facing brand security today – counterfeiting and diversion.


Counterfeiting: More than just a knock-off or a look-a-like item, real counterfeiting goes beyond the obvious, poor imitation, like a Polex watch or Prado handbag, to the recreation of an exacting duplicate meant to fool the consumer or end user into believing that they are buying or using the “real deal.”


Diversion: When a legitimate product is sold or relocated outside of its intended placement, diverted products are like finding a real designer handbag in a national discount chain or buying a paint that has restricted chemicals in a country that outlaws the use of those chemicals.


Today’s Counterfeiters are Highly Sophisticated

Gone are the days when counterfeiting was relegated to a local area or a small handful of industries. Today’s counterfeiters are technologically savvy, employing the latest advances and taking full advantage of the vulnerabilities created by globalization, allowing them to proliferate at a rate never seen before.


These sophisticated marauders attack relentlessly, no matter the price point, industry or place, permeating all facets of commercial life and with little to no fear of reprisals.



Stardust Materials: The Total Solution


At Stardust Materials our high-tech approach to counterfeiting and diversion tactics is unmatched. That’s because we not only identify your counterfeiting issues, ferreting out all arteries of these multifaceted attacks, we fight back with custom designed strategies and leading-edge technology.


We know your company, your product, and your supply-chain operations are unique. That’s why we don’t implement one-size-fits-all anti-counterfeiting technology or supply you with a list of generalized recommendations. We offer full-service solutions with targeted, results-oriented strategies that anticipate threats and respond with precision.


You can expect:


• Consultation (getting to know your company and its unique challenges)

• Investigation

• Customized Strategy

• State-of-the-Art Technology (forensic, covert and overt solutions)

• Implementation

• A world-class team dedicated to solving your toughest counterfeiting & diversion issues

Our hard earned experience across a wide spectrum of industries and a client list that includes Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized businesses from Hong Kong to Kiev to Chicago, make Stardust Materials your one-stop, full-service solution to modern counterfeiting and diversion tactics.

Forget the imposters – Contact Stardust Materials and experience real brand security.

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