Natural Resources


Natural Resources

Global supply chains have become prime targets for illicit activities involving theft, tax avoidance, mislabeling, dilution, and counterfeiting. From protected species to rare minerals, warlords in conflict areas often find ways to monetize natural resources under their control to fund their wars. The US State Department estimates that transnational, terrorist organizations generate more than 10 billion dollars a year exploiting natural resources.

Stardust has developed solutions enabling covert marking and tracing of raw materials in a range of applications including: timber, responsibly sourced goose down and leather, organic fibers, and coral.

Our technology affords Government agencies, Law Enforcement, and Brand Owners the ability to easily and covertly mark, authenticate, and track raw materials as they flow through supply chains. Our covert markers do not affect or change the product in any way and persist through its end of life. These valued resources can be authenticated at any time, instantly, non-destructively, an unlimited number of times, and without cumbersome lab testing or slowing the flow of goods.

Stockpile Security: ensures ownership integrity, links physical goods to custody documents, stops laundering and stockpile swell.

Law Enforcement: establishes delivery control, enhances and simplifies investigations, inhibits pilfering and theft, provides covert Anti-Corruption Tools, and presents a powerful means to produce direct, physical, forensic, and demonstrative evidence for a Court of Law.


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