Building materials are often overlooked for traceability solutions due to their low cost, sheer volume, & their abundant availability to consumers. However, this is precisely what makes these materials susceptible & very attractive to counterfeiters, who will copy well-known industry brand names to help move inferior products.

Unfortunately, material defects & safety hazards derived from inferior products labeled as genuine, are only discovered years after installation, when failures surface. By then, the damage is done.

Gypsum board
(drywall) can be made from defective materials, whose barrier may not resist even the slightest amount of moisture, leading to hazardous with mold growth. Also, it may not meet required fire ratings, resulting in negative consequences.

Cement that is missing a crucial ingredient , which inhibits corrosion, or aids in curing, will look identical to correctly mixed product. An inferior or missing additive can lead to catastrophic consequences down the road. Bolts are usually marked with grades, indicating quality & appropriate application. Low-quality metals with high-quality marks which are then used in applications that can’t tolerate failure is a recipe for disaster.

Wiring & Electrical equipment require quality control to ensure proper materials are used for safety & health concerns, but manufacturers in developing countries take advantage of weak links in the supply chain to sell degraded, inferior, & dangerous materials. Sometimes, new regulations ban the use of certain materials, but manufacturers may still try to offload leftover inventory.

Lumber contains various additives for protection against moisture & wood destroying organisms. Brand owners can protect themselves through direct supply chains, but, with global markets expanding & consumer demand increasing for specific applications & imported woods (e.g. bamboo, cork, walnut, rosewood), traceability becomes essential.

Stardust provides a necessary, comprehensive solution & capability to mark, trace, & authenticate building materials through supply chains, with little to no disruption to the product flow.   The ease of use & the amount of time & effort saved by implementing Stardust direct authentication solutions are not only viable, but essential when attempting to control the quality of bulk materials.


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