The pharmaceutical industry has always been one of the most sought-after industries for counterfeiting and diversion. Aided by modern global communication and transportation infrastructures, pharmaceutical counterfeiters have become increasingly sophisticated and truly global, resulting in the rapid rise of counterfeit prescription drugs everywhere in the world including the United States. These counterfeit drugs often go unreported or unnoticed, creating a significant public health concern, as safety and efficacy of these medications are highly questionable.

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals can contain toxic or contraindicated ingredients, unknown to patients and their healthcare providers. They may even be devoid of the important life-saving formulations that patients require to treat their specific ailments.

It is for this reason that numerous large pharmaceutical companies rely on Stardust anti-counterfeit and anti-diversions technologies (both covert and overt) to protect their formulations and their consumer’s interests.

Nutritional Supplements have become a multi-billion dollar industry. The assertions on the packaging are only as good as the security that protects them. Vitamins, weightless, nutraceuticals, wellness, probiotics and others can be packaged or substituted with inert or worse, dangerous ingredients. Distributors may also violate their territorial arrangements, undercutting authorized retailers. We can protect packaging with a variety of novel covert and overt features to prevent counterfeiting and to reveal the bad actors in your supply chain.

In 2009 alone, EU custom officials seized approximately five million body care products. The toxic trade in counterfeit Skin Care and Cosmetics products is driven by the desire for luxury brands at a low cost. But these fancy fakes pose a very real danger to consumer health and safety because they come in direct contact with, and can be absorbed into, the skin. This is especially dangerous because the actual formulations of these counterfeits are untested and unknown.

That’s why numerous skin care and cosmetics companies rely on Stardust anti-counterfeit and anti-diversion technologies to protect their formulations, ensure customer safety, and instill consumer confidence in their purchasing decisions. Stardust is an industry leader in covert, machine-readable anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solutions.

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