Shady fuel franchise practices, fuel adulteration, smuggling, and excise tax fraud are just a few of the serious threats facing consumers and affecting national economies and energy companies’ revenues worldwide. Stardust provides comprehensive solutions and security to supply chains threats which cost governments and private companies more than $100 billion per year internationally.

Stardust’s unique global business model, integrating both strategy and technology to solve counterfeiting and diversion issues in a variety of industries, has made us an industry leader, whose methods have been called on by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and international organizations. It’s also allowed us to implement these solutions in multiple high-security scenarios with innovation and flexibility.

Stardust achieves its security objectives through direct marking that:

  • Introduces a covert security marker without adding any steps to the manufacturing process;
  • Enables instant, repeatable authentication, with no lab testing required. Time is money, and the effort to both introduce and detect the marker for authentication purposes is nearly imperceptible;
  • Anyone in the process can be empowered to authenticate or investigate, eliminating the need for a third party or antiquated auditing and paperwork;
  • Demonstratively links any required paperwork directly to the marked commodity.

We’ve developed a proprietary testing method that allows incredibly low concentrations of our marker to be detected with our field ready testing device. Our detection apparatus is highly portable, can communicate with your cell phone, and enable data to be uploaded to the Cloud or a server, and is extremely reliable.

Our fuel integrity programs ensure that your oil and gas be free from adulteration, commingling, diversion, and tax evasion issues, greatly reducing risk for both the consumer and your bottom line.


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