Advances in polymer science are often characteristics that are invisible and enhance value. With Stardust, your IP and products are protected from unscrupulous actors, integrating seamlessly into your existing processes, simplifying authentication and auditing, and empowering any member of your organization to participate in supply chain investigations.

Removing the need for laboratory testing, Stardust’s security solutions empower brand owners with the most cost-effective, time-efficient, secured means of direct product traceability available in the industry, to authenticate materials, and even their content. In addition, the polymers used in consumer products are an ideal material for covert marking to aid not only with traceability, but also anti-counterfeiting.

Stardust developed security solutions as simple as altering plastic cases used to protect and to authenticate valuable collectables. We’ve also developed and implemented security solutions for more complex problems in global manufacturing to protect against adulteration of virgin material with inferior and less expensive ingredients, incorporating finely tuned investigative tools that do not inhibit the flow of goods.

Recycling and Upcycling polymers

As the world becomes more conscious of the danger and negative impacts of plastic waste in our environment, ecosystems, and specifically our oceans, there is a significant push to replace non-degradable plastics, while recovering and upcycling plastics already produced.

Upcycled plastics command a higher price on the market in general, and this designation and claim of use is easy to abuse and deceive both consumers and brand owners without direct product traceability. Stardust simplifies the complexity of global supply chains and creates verifiable certainty, allowing brand owners, materials suppliers, and even consumers to investigate what is, and what is not, in their products.

Covertly marking of materials, whether virgin or used, can occur either prior to or during processing and ensure that, as materials pass from recycler to compounder to manufacturer and, eventually, to a retailer or consumer, they maintain their compositional integrity. Stardust provides the ability to demonstratively claim whether a product is 100% specific polymer, 100% upcycled plastic, or any fraction in-between.


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