Brand Protection, Document Security, Supply Train Traceability

From concrete to coffee beans, currency to cosmetics, fabric to recycled plastics, pesticides to petroleum – protect your brand with Stardust. We provide you the ability to verify, at any point in your supply chain, that the materials you start with and tag with our industry leading technology, are exactly what your clients and customers receive. This also enables you to track and accurately identify if and where diversion of goods may be occurring within your supply chain.

If you have a brand, or utilize documents which require protection or provide authentication, we can protect them from counterfeiters and fakes. Our solutions are as endless and unique as the products we work with:

  • Labs
  • Forensic Elemental Analysis
  • Optical Analysis
  • Test Printing

With our unique and innovative technology, counterfeit products, documents, currency, and IDs are simply not viable. We understand that is a bold claim, and standby it’s truth. Please contact us to find out how our technology can work for you.