Our elite Stardust Materials team consists of PhD physicists, engineers, supply-chain experts, and investigators, combining integrity with the passionate drive necessary to combat the ever-encroaching problem of global counterfeiting and diversion. Not only do we bring unique strategies and recommendations for the protection of your brand, we invent the powerful tools and total solutions that lay the foundation for industry standards.

Our advanced portfolio of technologies targets your specific counterfeiting, diversion, and supply chain challenges first, couples them with custom, innovative, and integrative strategies, and tackles your company’s core concerns head-on.

The result – leading edge expertise and technologies, as well as customized solutions and systems that offer your brand unparalleled protection, allowing you to authenticate your products, verify a clean supply chain, and seamlessly weed out fraud, diversion, counterfeiters, impostors and more.

Most of all, Stardust Materials’ proven techniques ensure your brand’s reputation and protects your valued customers.