Technological advances and globalization have helped the spread of counterfeit pesticides and fake seeds blossoming into an illegal worldwide industry that threatens both the lives of consumers and the livelihoods of farmers.

Counterfeit and diluted fertilizers waste an entire growing season before discovered and can leave production well below the expected harvest. Expensive GMO seeds are impossible to differentiate without laboratory testing, leading to not only the loss of entire crops, but also wasted production resources and labor. Diluted pesticides require more frequent application and diminish the protection quickly. Packaging for seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and soil amendments are all soft targets for counterfeiters, with sometimes even legitimate packaging being reused and resealed to move fake product.

Stardust Materials directly marks seeds, pesticides, and fertilizers providing an inextricable link between the marker and the product. Our premier markers enable vendors and even farmers to easily and quickly reveal substitution and dilution, and authenticate both the packaging and the product. When legitimate packaging is re-used or replaced, our technology provides the capability to identify the tampering and alert for further investigation.

In most cases, fakes placed on the market come in consumer-ready packaging, often indistinguishable from the genuine to even legitimate manufacturers. These low-priced agricultural knock-offs may market themselves as the actual product, or a less expensive alternative, but the risks are very significant. For consumers, the danger lies in their untested, unregulated and sometimes banned, ingredients that can be deadly.

In order to protect farmers and brands from the potentially disastrous outcomes as a result of imposters permeating the supply chain, Stardust has partnered with international organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and world-changing social ventures, all dedicated to utilizing and developing most sophisticated technologies to fight the counterfeiting of crop seeds and agrochemicals.


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