The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) estimates that counterfeiting costs U.S. semiconductor manufacturers $7.5 billion a year in lost revenue and U.S. workers nearly 11,000 jobs. Blacktopping or resurfacing of integrated circuits (IC) removes crucial information that allows identification of the OEM, and counterfeiters are highly proficient at this activity. While it is possible to detect these efforts, it requires forensic analysis using expensive lab instrumentation to see the embedded circuitry.

Stardust can protect the OEM marks from counterfeiting and simplify the entire process with a field-ready device yielding instantaneous results. Our technology changes the burdensome detection of counterfeits into a seamless process of accepting inventory or checking before installation of parts. Our marker can be integrated directly into the original component marking or as part of a post OEM certification of quality. Incorporating our technology into the manufacturing process allows for crucial components to be validated by government buyers and sets your supply apart from antiquated alternatives that can be copied and passed off as valid.

In addition to ICs, even the simplest components are susceptible to faking. For example, our technology addressed authenticating counterfeit capacitors within manufactured equipment used in the medical field. Tolerances and quality determine the functionality of the circuits that use these components, where a small change in the parameters can spell disaster for the manufacturer and certainly for the patient.


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